Edelweiss: Fascinating Mountain Flower

Edelweiss: Fascinating Mountain Flower

Everyone knows the Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum)Star-shaped mythical flower, edelweiss is one of the most famous mountain plants, emblematic plant of the high mountain considered rare and inaccessible, used for a long time for its medicinal virtues.

Edelweiss is typically an alpine plant whose ecological optimum is on the alpine stage,that grows at an altitude of 2,000 to 3,000 meters. Despite a very short season at these altitudes, it blooms.

This flower has developed very effective defenses to withstand freezing temperatures, strong winds and a blazing sun. The name "edelweiss" is formed from the German words "edel" meaning noble and "weiss" meaning white,This name was given to him in 1784.

 Flower used in medicine

Previously edelweiss occupied the shelves of pharmacists and herbalists. Because this small white flower was known for its anti-inflammatory properties and also used to treat intestinal disorders of cows and sheep that lived in the pastures. This tradition has not been completely lost, since in the Swiss Alps edelweiss is still cultivated for pharmacology in order to integrate it with anti-inflammatory or anti-diarrheal preparations.

Other Interesting information about Edelweiss flower

Because of the beauty of edelweiss and the many legends it is the subject of, its wild harvest has become very important, which endangers this plant. Today, edelweiss is partially protected. In the Hautes-Alpes, its collection has been totally prohibited in six communes since 1993 and tolerated with limitation on the rest of the territory.

Laws that prohibit the right to pick this flower in most areas where it is found in the wild.The plant is supposed to have anti-aging properties.
To prevent it from disappearing, Edelweiss has been planted in accessible areas, especially at lower altitudes.

Edelweiss is grown in Switzerland for its cosmetic virtues.


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