Bouquets with bohemian air

Bouquets with bohemian air

People love when the details of a wedding are a bit unexpected, so the messy flowers and botanical products with the most unexpected textures, combine to achieve bouquets that use a composition of free form with a bohemian sloppiness, with very irregular silhouettes and that show an apparent (and deceptive) lack of effort.

The bouquets designed under this perspective give rise to an organic sensation of a wedding by the sea with a large dose of bridal elegance as royalty.

If you were asked about the indispensable flower in the perfect bridal bouquet ... What would be the first one that would come to your head? The peonies! Perhaps because they have been present in hundreds of celebrations, as in real weddings where this delicate flower finds its prominence, the peonies are ideal for those brides who wish to bring romance and elegance to their Big Day, as well as for those who choose to add a touch of surprising color.

Although the peonies are still fashionable, more and more brides are betting to create bouquets with varied flowers. It is true that peonies alone are very strong, but combine them with other species to create the perfect bouquet is an adventure.

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